Backup and Export Ribbon and Toolbar Customization in Office 2010

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export office 2010 ribbonsOne of the nice things about Office 2010 is that you can save, backup and export all the customizations you made on its UI (user interface) so that, in case you change computer, you will be able to install such customizations on the new machine and have all the nice options, shortcuts, ribbons and quick access toolbar you previously created or modified. In fact Microsoft, in this new Office 2010 edition, has decided to give more power to its users when it comes to modifying the default Office interface in order to adapt it to different user’s needs (see Filter Packs, for example). Because of this, saving all the customizations as a file (exported.UI) becomes very important in all those situations and cases where you need to work with different computers and you need to have all your Office “tweaked-tools” at hand! Let’s see how to backup and save your ribbon and toolbar available in any Office tools (Such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.) in a couple of steps!

  1. Open Office 2010.
  2. Open the Office tool you wish to export all your customizations from.
  3. Click the File link located on the top right side of the toolbar.
  4. Click Options from the left pane menu.
  5. Still, on the left pane click Customize Ribbons. This will let you gain access to all the Ribbons as well as other interesting options and buttons.
  6. On the right bottom of the window you will see the Import/Export button.
  7. Click it.
  8. A drop down menu will appear.  It contains two options: Import customization file and Export all customizations.
  9. Select Export all customizations.
  10. This will let you save all your ribbons and quick access toolbar on a selected folder of your screen. The save file will have exported.UI extension.

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