Download Firefox 4 Standalone Installer + Free Firefox 4 ebook Guide!

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firefox 4 standaloneYesterday the Mozilla team made available for everybody to download the famous and much awaited Firefox 4 via the official website. As usual the standalone installer as well as  Firefox 4  translated in different languages (80 languages)  are available via the official Mozilla FTP web address. However, the most interesting thing is that Mozilla also released a free ebook describing all the goodies and features in this latest release. So, let’s see where to download Firefox 4 offline standalone package and the free ebook!

Firefox is one of the few websites on the Internet which has made public-available its FTP server that lets you download the full Firefox browser directly. Here is the FTP web address:


On this page you will be able to find all Firefox old releases as well as the latest Firefox 4. If you are not able to localize it, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click the Mozilla FTP web address above.
  2. Click the 4.0 folder.
  3. Click the WIn32 folder.
  4. Now you will face a lot od folders. Such folders contain Firefox translated in your own language.
  5. If your language is English (USA) click the  en-US folder and download the .exe file.

Mozilla has also released an interesting Firefox 4 ebook covering all the new features and options available on Firefox 4. The ebook is in PDF format and is composed by 15 pages. Well written, easy to understand and full of clear images, Firefox 4 Reviewers Guide is an essential manual to all those users who want to have an in-deep look at the new Firefox version!

Download Firefox 4.0 Reviewer’s Guide


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