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flash player doesn't work on ie9Internet Explorer 9 seems to have a few issues as far as plugins, applets and third party software are concerned. In fact, a lot of users, after the release of the final Internet Explorer 9 version (IE9) report that Flash player doesn’t work anymore (it has stopped working) on their Windows Vista and Windows 7.  Actually, the issue seems to be affecting a lot of Windows 7 64 bit computers.  This will prevent users to watch Flash videos  (such YouTube videos for example) and play online games. Websites and blogs won’t be displayed correctly, also. Such issue is not new to tell you the truth, as it has been reported on a lot of forums and threads in the past but Microsoft seems not to have resolved it properly. Here are a couple of temporary solutions that should be able to fix the Flash issue. 

It might seems silly, but before going deeper about talking Flash fixes and  blame Internet Explorer 9 about it, please make sure that you have installed the Flash plugin to your computer. You can download the latest Flash plugin (player)  here. In case you still do not manage to watch Flash videos and see Flash websites correctly on Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), follow these easy steps:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Open Control Panel.
  3. Open Internet Options.
  4. Click the advanced tab.
  5. Click the Reset button.
  6. Tick the  Delete Personal Settings checkbox and click reset again.
  7. Open Internet Explorer 9 and try to watch a YouTube video

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9 Comments to “How to Fix Flash Player Does Not Work in Internet Explorer 9”

  1. joseph ferrante Says:

    Oh my God I was going out of my mind trying to make the flash player work it went nuts after I reset IE settings and your answer was a gift from heaven,got it working great THANKS EVER SO MUCH.

  2. Mister Says:

    Works goooooood 😀

  3. MArtin Says:

    Does not help me. Flashplayer works till I restart PC, then youtube inform me that I am need to install flashplayer…

  4. AMER Says:

    Thank you for fixing my problem.

  5. OR310 Says:

    Thank you for fixing my problem. Now I can go back
    to playing my games.

  6. tm Says:

    ********IT WORKED 4 ME*****
    on ie9 go to the gear on the right/
    click internet options/ click advanced tab.
    click reset, apply.
    close ie9 reopen & start watching videos.

  7. 055 Says:

    Estah funcionando, grato.
    It’s working, thank you.

  8. Ctech Says:

    I’ve still been struggling with this problem on a customer’s computer. Tried many resets reinstalls virus scans and still internet explorer 8 or 9 will not recognize that adobe flash player is installed. Would like to find a check off list of all possible reasons this may be happening. Mabe there is something I’m missing.

  9. me Says:

    Worked flawlessly, Thanks.

    @ w7 Ult x64, ie9

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