How to Delete and Restore a Master Password in Firefox 4

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delete and reset firefox master passwordIn case you have forgotten you master password in Firefox 4 I have just found a simple hack that will let you delete and restore it in a very easy way. In my previous article I described how to set a master password in Firefox 4 in order to password protect your saved password. If you are a very inattentive user, you might forget such password. This small post will show you to reset it. The downside of this tutorial is that by deleting it, you will also delete all your stored password in Firefox 4. So, what’s the purpose of this article? Well, it was quite obvious that the Mozilla Team didn’t let anybody to restore Firefox master password without any consequence. Just image an official method to retrieve it. Hackers and ill-intentioned users will use it in order to steal usernames and passwords in a breeze. As stated in the Mozillazine.org: “Upon resetting, you will lose all the stored information in the Password Manager, as this is a built-in security feature to prevent people from simply resetting your Master Password to gain access to your passwords.”

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. In the Address bar, copy and paste the this address: chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul
  3. Press the Enter key and click Reset.
  4. Done!

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