How to Set up Outlook 2010 for a Yahoo! Mail Account (Yahoo IMAP)

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set outlook for yahoo mailThis is a follow-up of an article I wrote on how to automatically  set up Microsoft Outlook 2010. If you try to set up your Outlook 2010 for your Yahoo! Mail account (IMAP settings) you have to know that the little free software above might not work. Actually on the Internet there are a lot discussions about this issue which, as far as I can see, has created a lot of confusion,  misunderstanding and mess. The following tutorial is intended to clear-up all the false guides around by providing you working settings for your Outlook 2010.

Account Type:  IMAP
Incoming mail server:  imap.mail.yahoo.com
Outgoing mail server:  smtp.mail.yahoo.co.com
“Save My Password” Checkbox:  Checked

Internet E-mail Settings:
Incoming server (IMAP):  993
Encryption Level:  SSL
Outgoing server (IMAP):  465
Encryption Level:  SSL

Also, keep in mind that you must also check: My outgoing server requires authenication in the Outgoing Server tab. This checkbox has to be ticked otherwhise you won’t be able to send any email.

In the Outlook settings do not forget to use your entire Yahoo email address and not your Yahoo ID. If the above trick didn’t work for you, please read this http://social.technet.microsoft.com where you will be able to find other solution. The settings above worked for me right away.

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