Two Easy Steps to Fix “Consider Replacing Your Battery” Message on Windows 7 SP1

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Consider replacing your batteryThere is nothing worse that a nagging message that pop-ups every now and then on your computer! That’s the case with the annoying “Consider replacing your battery” message that Windows 7 shows when it thinks that your computer battery needs to be replaced. In the Windows 7 SP1, Microsoft has made available an interesting fix or I’d better say an option that let’ you turn off such a message whenever you want.  Let’s see how to get rid the the replacing your battery message in a couple of steps.

The “Consider Replacing Your Battery” message pop-ups when your laptop battery life has come to an end. Basically, according to certain computer circuitry that monitor your battery health, you battery doesn’t manage to hold the charge anymore, so a proper replacement is advisable in order to fix the issue. If you want to turn off such a message because you use your laptop as a “small” desktop computer, here is an easy solution for you that is available on all Windows 7  SP1:

  1. Make sure to have installed SP1 on your Windows 7.
  2. Click on the battery icon, located to the  right side of your bottom system tray icons.
  3. Untick the notification warning checkbox.

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