How to save Multiple Tabs on Google Chrome

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Chrome save multiple=If you are one of those “heavy-users” who is accustomed to open multiple tabs on Google Chrome, then you might look for a proper solution to save such tabs on Chrome in order to reopen them later thus saving all your Internet searches. Sadly, Google Chrome doesn’t offer you any proper solution for this issue as its bare-bone user interface doesn’t provide majority of goodies other browsers have got for a long time (such as Image Properties for example). Again, we have to look for a proper extension which will lets you save and restore your favorite tabs.

Favorite Tabs is an interesting Google Chrome extension that lets you save all your current, multiple tabs from the context menu. Here is a brief description of the extension features: “First, open the websites that you want to save, in separate tabs. Then, right-click anywhere on the page and select ‘Save current tabs’ from the context menu. Now you can access all the saved websites by clicking the button in the Chrome toolbar. To save a new set of tabs, just repeat the above steps.”

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