How to Run Control Panel Tools from DOS Command Prompt

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Access control panel from command promptSometimes it might happen that you are not be able to reach your Control Panel in your Windows operating system (such as Windows 7 or Vista). That’s way Microsoft placed interesting commands in the DOS Command Prompt. In fact, the neglected DOS window is a quite resourceful place where you can gain access to a big variety of  Windows tools in case the “ordinary” path doesn’t work anymore. For examples, certain viruses and malware systematically block a lot of  Windows tools and applications from being reached through the well-known user interface. In this case such DOS commands (or shortcuts) might be quite useful to you! Let’s see how to run printers, scanners, Internet Properties and options, Security Center, Language options etc thanks to a simple commands!

  1. Click Start.
  2. In the Search bar (Run..if youhave Windows Vista or XP), type CDM and do  not press Enter.
  3. Right click the Command Prompt windows and from the menu click Run as Administrator.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Now type on the of commands below in order to gain access to almost Windows Tools.
  • Accessibility Options          control access.cpl
  • Add New Hardware               control sysdm.cpl   add new hardware
  • Add/Remove Programs            control appwiz.cpl
  • Date/Time Properties           control timedate.cpl
  • Display Properties             control desk.cpl
  • FindFast                       control findfast.cpl
  • Fonts Folder                   control fonts
  • Internet Properties            control inetcpl.cpl
  • Joystick Properties            control joy.cpl
  • Keyboard Properties            control main.cpl keyboard
  • Microsoft Exchange             control mlcfg32.cpl (or Windows Messaging)
  • Microsoft Mail Post Office     control wgpocpl.cpl
  • Modem Properties               control modem.cpl
  • Mouse Properties               control main.cpl
  • Multimedia Properties          control mmsys.cpl
  • Network Properties             control netcpl.cpl NOTE: In Windows NT 4.0, Network properties is Ncpa.cpl, not Netcpl.cpl
  • Password Properties            control password.cpl
  • PC Card                        control main.cpl pc card (PCMCIA)
  • Power Management (Windows 95)  control main.cpl power
  • Power Management (Windows 98)  control powercfg.cpl
  • Printers Folder                control printers
  • Regional Settings              control intl.cpl
  • Scanners and Cameras           control sticpl.cpl
  • Sound Properties               control mmsys.cpl sounds
  • System Properties              control sysdm.cpl

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