How to Turn Off and Hide and Delete Facebook Questions

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facebook questionsFecebook Questions is a very useful feature. However, a lot of users find it quite annoying. I will show you how to turn it off, hide and delete its annoying questions from your Facebook profile. However, it has to be said that Facebook Questions is a very powerful resource for a lot of Facebook users. Basically, it uses the almost unlimited collective knowledge of the more than 500 million people on Facebook to reply to your most difficult, unusual and unexpected questions. It works in a very simply way. Click the “Ask Question” button at the top of the homepage to ask a question to the Facebook community. Your question will be posted on your friends and friends’ friends Facebook profiles as well as “nearby surfing enthusiasts”. If you don’t like to reply and help unknown users, here are a couple of extensions/plugin  to delete it!

By default, Facebook doesn’t allow you to torn off the annoying questions users ask to the Facebook community. There is simply no option or checkbox to use to disable it. Luckily for you Hide Facebook Questions is a nice Chrome extension that “Keeps the new “Questions” Facebook feature from cluttering up your News Feed.” Once you have install the extension, simply flush your Chrome cache (click the wrench icon – Tool – Delete – Clear Browsing Data) or restart Facebook and you are done.

If you own Firefox, safari or Opera browser you can use another addon/plugin called F.B Purity. it is used by a lot of Facebook users to remove unwanted quiz messages, buttons, boxes, Facebook spam etc. from their Facebook profiles.

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