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make hard disk invisibleThere are a lot of ways to make your hard disk (hd) and partitions invisible. Some of them require expensive software able to lock and conceal partitions, other ones ( like this article on how to hide your hard disk) only require unknown settings. In this article I will show you how to mask a particular partition of your choice thanks to a DOS command. DOS commands are quite easy to apply but they are also quite unknown since only technicians and engineers use them to bypass the classical well-known user interface majority of us  use for our daily work. Another strong point about such DOS command is that you can use it on all Windows operating systems such as Windows 7,Vista and Windows XP.


  1. Click  Start.
  2. In the Search field (or Run…if you use Windows XP) type CMD and do not press Enter.
  3. Right click the DOS icon and click Run as Administrator on the menu.
  4. In the black Command Prompt window, type:  Diskpart
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Type List Volume
  7. Press Enter. A list of all the partitions contained on your hard disk will be displayed. Such partitions will be identified by a letter and a number. For example, partition A will be identified by number 1 etc.
  8. Let’ say that you want to make partition B invisible. Partition B is identified by number 2
  9. Type Select Volume 2 and press Enter.
  10. Now, type Remove letter B
  11. Press Enter.
  12. If asked, reboot your computer.
  13. If you want to unhide and make the partition visible again, repeat steps 1 to 9 then type  Assign letter B
  14. Done!

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One Comment to “Alternative Way to Make Hard Disk Invisible”

  1. Alishah Says:

    It says that Assigning or removing drive letters on the current boot or pagefile volume is not allowed

    What do I do then?

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