Fix “See News Feed in Skype” Greyed Out (Disabled) Issue

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Skype See news in Feed grayed outSome Skype users are complaining that the useful “See News Feed in Skype”  greyed out and got disabled right after turning it on. This interesting feature connects Skype chat client to Facebook profiles in order to read Facebook updates such as friends posts, messages, news etc. It works in a very easy way: “Sign in to Skype and select the Facebook tab in the main window. Click “See News Feed in Skype” to connect your Skype and Facebook accounts”. However, for some reason no feeds are shown. Other times instead the Facebook button fades out and stops working without any way to see what your friends are writing on Facebook any more. Let’s see how to fix this issue in a couple of easy steps.

  1. Open Skype and login to your Skype account.
  2. Go to the Skype menu bar.
  3. Right after that, click the Help option.
  4. Click Check for updates.
  5. Let Skype check for updates and let it install them on your computer.
  6. Now sign out from your Skype Account.
  7. Restart Skype and login to your Skype account again.
  8. Again, go the Skype menu bar and click View tab and Click the Facebook Updates option.
  9. If the whole procedure went well you should be able to see the See News in Feeds option working correctly.

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