How to Resize the Address Bar in Firefox 4

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resize address bar in firefoxOne of the most recurring issues with the new Firefox 4 has to do with the address bar. In fact, a lot of users are complaining that it is impossible to resize it.  Frankly speaking, the address bar is really large and ugly! Sure, you can resize it in some way (using the customize feature) but once you have made it smaller, the Search box next to it will tend to fit the empty space thus becoming larger.  Let’s see how to fix this issue thanks to a couple of tricks!

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Right click any empty space on the upper toolbar and from the menu, click Customize Toolbar.
  3. The Customize Toolbar window will appear on your screen.
  4. In order to resize the address bar, drop “Spaces”  between it and the Search Box. You can also use the “Flexible Space” option. This action will autoresize the  address bar as less space will be available for it.
  5. Click Done once you have managed to make the address bar smaller.
  6. Alternatively, once you have gained access to the Customize Toolbar  window, move some of the icons available on the upper part of the toolbar (such as: Home, Bookmarks, New Tab etc.) down, on the left,  before the address bar.

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