How to Encrypt and Hide Private Data Inside a Photo and Picture

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mozaiqIf you care for your security data and wish to hide, conceal and encrypt your private information and data  (such as your username and password, contacts, bank account number, a personal message, ID etc)  inside a photo or a picture in order to conceal it from users and nosy people, I have found the definitive solution to your issue. Nowadays a lot of people are experiencing data theft due to sophisticated software, virus and malware able to sniff your data once you computer gets infected.  That’s why some users are starting concealing their files, photos etc using different techniques. In fact, such method (steganography) have got a very strong point. Even if a hacker, for example, is able to steal files from your computer he will never, ever manage to guess what it is hidden behind an innocent photo of your dog, for example! The free online tool I am going to show you is able to protect your data by hiding it inside a picture. It will also encrypt it and will password protect it as a further protection!

Mozaiq.org is an incredible, free online tool able to hide and conceal a message or private and sensitive data and information inside a photo or a picture.  In this way, nobody will be able to detect it even if he manages to steal it. Furthermore, the message will be encrypted using a password of your choice.

The way Mozaiq works is pretty simple:

  • Upload a picture of your choice.
  • Enter your message which might be composed by a series of passwords, usernames, contacts etc.
  • Assign a password to the picture.
  • Click the Hide your Message button
  • Done!

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