How to Automatically Create Incremental Gmail Backups Online

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incremental backupsIf you have got a Gmail account, you know only too well how important is to perform regular backups of your emails regularly. The issue is that there are not a lot of solutions in case you want to perform incremental Gmail backups online. Incremental backups are nothing else than multiple backups that are  based on the differences in those data. Basically, each backup only contains those emails that were added since the preceding  backup was created. I have already written on how to backup your Gmail  emails, however that solution was not optimal as you had to download everything down on your computer. In fact, what would happen if you computer crashed? The easy solution is to automatically backup everything online. Something like “setup and forget about it”, so that your emails will be automatically saved even if …you forget about them. 


Backupify.com is the solution you were waiting for! Such online service builds a single, searchable archive of all your online data and will store it to the Amazon S3 storage service. Of course,  you will be able to restore everything whenever you want.  The way Backupify works is pretty easy.

  1. Open a free backupify account.
  2. Select the account to backup (in fact, Backupfy lets you backup different account such Twitter, Picasa, Blogger, Facebook etc.)
  3. Authenticate Backupify and give us access to your archives.
  4. Well, that’s it! Backupify will automatically create incremental backups! (daily or weekly backups)
  5. The free plan offers you 2GB storage and weekly backups of up to 5 accounts. Other paid plans offer you more options. For further information, visit the plan page where you will be able to find what the other plans are able to do.

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