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As you know, whenever you visit a blog or a website, a cookie is dropped in your browser, in your Google Chrome. A web cookie (or browser cookie)  is a piece of data (text in this case) that collects your web preferences in your browser. Other times instead, cookies spy your Internet habits in order to serve you targeted ads etc. However, it has to be said that not all cookies are bad and that’s why you should be able to actively manage and view them in order to decide if you want to keep or delete them. In the past I have written about a nice Google Chrome extension able to block cookies, however such extension didn’t provide a lot of information and didn’t let you view stored cookies in a complete and exhaustive way. So, let’s see how to know more about web cookies, read the information they contain and what they send to websites.

ChromeCookiesView is an interesting Goolgle Chrome extension that lets you view all cookies stored in your Google browser along with a lot of information regarding them. It displays a list of all stored cookies and lets you decide if you want to delete some of them. For each cookie, the following information are displayed: Host Name, Path, Name, Value, Secure (Yes/No), HTTP Only Cookie (Yes/No), Last Accessed Time, Creation Time, Expiration Time. ChromeCookieView also lets you export the cookies into text/csv/html/xml file.

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