How to Filter Expicit Websites and Content on Firefox

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If you have children and a computer with an Internet connection, you know only too well how important is to filter websites and blogs offering explicit content (such as text, videos, images etc.) on your browser. On the Internet there are dozens of applications offering  to protect your children surfing by filtering improper websites. Beside, even Web Talk has talked about this issue on articles such as: make children surf safely, Windows parental control and monitor online activity. However, one’s is never sure what method is the safest in comparison to others. That’s why I have decided to talk even more about this topic by reviewing an interesting Firefox addon-on that is able to filter only those websites which are age-restricted and offer explicit images or videos.

ProCon Latte is a very useful add-on for your Firefox browser, no doubt about it. If you have children strolling in your house and wish your computer to be a very secure and safe place for them, then this small, free addon is definitely for you. ProCon Latte is a special application you will have to install on your Firefox that is able to block those websites that offers explicit content such as videos or images or are age-restricted. Additionally, ProCon Latte lets you create special blacklists and whitelists so that you will decide what to show or not to your beloved ones.

The add-on is pretty simple to use and doesn’t require any special configuration. In fact, if left untouched it will be able to filter websites right away, out-of-the box.

What follows is a small list of its features:

  • Password protect the Internet or certain websites.
  • Block all traffic.
  • Create special lists (whitelists and blacklists).
  • Lock right-click.
  • Profanity filter.
  • etc.

Download ProCon Latte now!

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