How to Customize and Change Google Chrome New Tab Page

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customize chrome new tab pageAs far as we know, Google Chrome new tab page can not be modified in any way. Wouldn’t you like to change and customize it to your likes? Chrome new tab page is that default page which appears every time you open a new tab. It contains a list or thumbnails of the most visited websites and blogs  (and as you know, it can be a source of real embarrassment), a list of the recently closed tab or window and a list of the latest installed extensions! Furthermore,  as said before, you can not change the way it looks like in any way as Google has not taken care of this aspect yet. However, while browsing on the Internet I have found an interesting extension able to modify the new tab page by adding new features to it including an amazing one which will let you customize the bare-bone page by adding a local file of your choice! Isn’t this amazing?

New Tab Redirect! is an incredible Google Chrome extension that will customize and change the old, annoying new tab page to anything else you want! In fact, apart from choosing a website of your choice, you can also customize such a page by uploading a local file available on your computer.  You can add to the new tab page the following items:

  • About:blank
  • About: version
  • About: plugins
  • About:cache
  • About:memory
  • About: Histograms
  • About:dns
  • Any website of your choice
  • Any file of your choice

Important: This is not meant to replace your homepage, only new tabs. If your browser is set to load the New Tab page as your homepage, there may be odd consequences.

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