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transfer google video to youtube

As you know, Google Video lets you upload, download and watch your videos in a very easy way. Actually, it is the best alternative to YouTube. However, as stated on this Google Help page, all this is gonna change. In fact, Google Video service will shut down on April 29th, 2011. As a result, all your uploaded videos will be deleted or won’t be available for playback any longer. Let’s see how to save your Google videos and how to move them to YouTube!

In order to save your uploaded videos available on Google Videos, Google has added on the Videos Status page a Download Video button. Such a button is located on the right side of each of your videos in the “Actions” column. Keep in mind that even such a button will be available for a short time only. On may 13th, 2011 it will be removed too.

Now that you have saved and downloaded your Google videos on your computer, let’s upload them on YouTube! Here is the easy step-by-step procedure!

  1. Open and create a YouTube account.
  2. Login to your YouTube account.
  3. Click the Upload button and browse among your computer folders. Spot the video you want to upload.
  4. Add some info about your video such as Title, Description, Tags, and Category.
  5. Click the Save Changes button.

One important thing to notice as far as YouTube is concerned is that file size is limited to 2 GB for uploads and up to 15 min videos.


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One Comment to “How to Save, Transfer and Move Google Videos to YouTube”

  1. Gregg DesElms Says:

    Excellent instructions! Thank you.

    And they’re made even better by the fact that no special software is required. There are so many YourTube uploaders and downloaders, etc., out there that people forget how easily it can be done just using the features built right into such as YouTube and Windows.

    I’m actually surprised that it has taken Google this long to shut down its video area. I figured Google Video would go away within less than a year of its acquisition of YouTube… which was…. hmm… when was that? Lemmee think… I believe it was October of 2006…

    …memorable only because that was the year I began by going into the hospital for the first time in my life (other than having my tonsils removed as a barely-older-than-a-toddler), and damned near died. And while I was dealing with that, my mom died. Good times. Hard to forget that year, eh? [grin]

    Anyway, nice tip. I wonder how many things are on Google Video that aren’t on YouTube. You know what Google should do, in addition to adding that download button, is somehow mark all Google Video videos which are not somehow, somewhere, also on YouTube. That would certainly make easier the task of getting it all moved over.

    If Google had given more warning, some sort of informal “movement” could have been organized wherein a “Videos Moved from Google Video” YouTube account could have bee created, and then all the volunteers just move into that account on YouTube everything from Google Video that’s not already in YouTube. If enough people did it, I’ll bet it could all be done in probably 90 or so days.

    Of course, if Google really wanted to preserve those videos, it could very easily write the code to first figure out what’s in Google Video that’s not also on YouTube, and then move it all over to YouTube.

    Heaven forbid Google just voluntarily did the world that valuable service.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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