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delete a facebook conversationDespite the title of this guide, actually you can not delete a whole conversation in Facebook Messages. In fact, whenever you click the “X” icon you will only manage to archive the messages, to store them in case you want to use them later. However,  a simple trick will let you delete a whole conversation in Facebook…indirectly. Sure, the procedure I am about to describe is pretty tedious but the result will be clearly outstanding and straight!

The whole trick is based on the fact that despite you can not delete a Facebook conversation at once, you can delete single messages. So, by deleting a message at a time you will manage to remove a whole conversation from your Facebook account!

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Now, open a message.
  3. Click the Actions button.
  4. From the drop-down menu, click the Delete Messages option. This will let you delete the unwanted message
  5. If you want to delete a whole conversation, click the Delete All option.

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One Comment to “How to Delete a Whole Conversation from Facebook”

  1. rachel Says:

    but if the person I talked to doesn’t want to delete our conversation – he still got the conversation. Is there an option to delete it for good from his inbox also?
    Guess not, but must try asking…

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