How to Restrict Website Access in Firefox

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Restrict website access in FirefoxWithout any doubt there are a lot of ways to block and restrict website access on your Windows operating system. Most of such methods  involve the use of tricky software you have to pay for. Other times instead all you have to do is use a geek trick (for computer expert only!) able to block  unwanted websites without any third-party software. The reasons behind this choice are almost identical. You have children and you want to be in control of what they are able to view and browse while you are not with them, in front of the computer. If you use Firefox browser and you are looking for a simple, thus effective way to restrict the access to certain “explicit” websites and blogs, I have got a nice, free and simple solution for you.  The Firefox addon I am going to show you is one of a kind.  In fact, it is able to block and restrict any website you want in a very simple way. But the addon goes beyond this. In fact, as you know, explicit content, images and videos can also be accessed via “masked and disguised hyperlinks” that can be accessed by going to other  safe websites and blogs. Well, thanks to this addon you will be 100% sure that your smart kids won’t be able to gain access  to anything  forbidden or age-restricted in any way!  Let your children surf safely. Put a lock to the Internet the way you want!

BlockSite is one of those Firefox addons that make you wonder: “Why is it for free?”. In fact, it is so well-done, so effective and secure that only paid application have got such distinguished features and options! Reading from the official Firefox addon page: “BlockSite is an extension, which automagically blocks websites of your choice. Additionally, this extension will disable all hyperlinks to these websites, by just displaying the link text without the clicking functionality.”

Here is a list of its most important features:

  • Add or block certain websites from being accessed.
  • Block whole websites by using wildcard symbols. This way is the most effective one as it will  forbid the access to websites even if  do not know their addresses. If you want to block those websites which contain the word “Microsoft”, all you have to do is enter “http://*.microsoft.*” and “http://microsoft.*” to Blocksite addon and you are done. Even if you do not the web address of the  websites you wish to block,  you will be sure that your kids won’t be able to access them in any way.
  • Import/export your blacklist.
  • Password protect BlockSite using a master-password.

Download BlockSite extension or Firefox

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