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install old firefox addon and pluginsThis guide will show you how to install and run old, incompatible or outdated addons (extensions) on Firefox recent versions without using any third-party software. Differently from other guides available on the Internet, this tutorial will not tweak Firefox into thinking that it is about to run a compatible addon by editing or bypassing  the compatibility check . This time we will hack the outdated  old addon itself by making it compatible with your Firefox installed version! Such a tutorial is slightly difficult (but not too much!) but the results will be longstanding as they won’t be affected by further and new Firefox releases! If unsure, check this special Firefox plugin check page to know if the plugin you are about to hack has been updated or not!

  1. The first step is to download your favorite but old and outdated Firefox addon by using Internet Explorer (or another browser). In this way you will manage to download the original file (.xpi) directly on your desktop. Basically, this step will let you bypass the Firefox automatic addon downloader that will automatically install the addon on Firefox.
  2. Once the addon has been download, open it by using WinRAR or WinZip.
  3. Locate the .rdf file and open it.
  4. Look for the MaxVersion tag and change its value to the Firefox version you wish to make the addon compatible for.
  5. Save everything and Install the plugin.
  6. To install the addon, simply drag-and-drop it over any open Firefox  window.



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2 Comments to “Install Incompatible, Old Addons on Firefox Recent Versions without Software”

  1. Eliot M. Gelwan Says:

    Oh my God. In menus go to Tools>Add-ons or, under the Firefox 4 Firefox button, directly to Add-ons.

  2. John McQuillan Says:

    Can ayone yell me how to view INSTALLED & WORKING Addons son that they may be disabled or re-enabled as desired

    I’m desperate to find out!- since clicking the “ADDONS” icon merely invites me to add other ones.

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