Search Google With Voice Search (Text-To-Speech)

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chrome voice searchAs you know, latest smartphones have got interesting features, most of which are not available on computer and laptops yet. On of this is the Google Voice Search (text-to-speech) that lets you search the Internet by speaking on the phone mic. The app will automatically convert your voice into text and will search Google for the keywords you just said. Wouldn’t you like to have such feature on your Chrome browser (Firefox browser has already got its voice search addon)?  Just image searching the Internet without having to type anything. Just talk to the computer and you are done! Well, it looks like your dream has come true. In fact, Google has developed an interesting extension for Google Chrome that thanks to its text-to-speech feature is able to convert your speech into text and search the Internet for you!

Google Voice Search extension for Chrome is an incredible free application that will amaze you by adding interesting features to your Google Chrome. Apart the well-known text-to-speech feature, the extension comes pre-loaded with the following default services: Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Wolfram|Alpha. Other features include:

  • Add your own search engines (apart from Google).
  • Integrate input search button for all websites using HTML5 technology including: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and GitHub.
  • In order to enable the extension you will have to launch Chrome with the –enable-speech-input flag. Make sure to read the instruction on the official extension webpage.

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