How to Upgrade to the New Facebook Group Format and Interface

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facebookLately, Facebook is undergoing to a lot of changes and makups meant to renew some aspect of its old and default user interface. The most  relevant and important change on Facebook  has radically modified one of its most used feature. I am talking about Facebook Groups. As a consequence, users will have to decide between two different options in order to migrate to the new layout: Archive mode or Upgrade mode.  Such modes are not obvious and automatic for all groups. In fact,  the Archive mode is available for everybody, while the Upgrade mode is only available to few Groups depending on the number of discussions and on group activity. Let’s see what means to have your group archived and how to upgrade to the new Facebook Group format. 

The big drawback concerning the Archive method is that members won’t be able to migrate and because of this won’t appear in the new format group.  Here is what you will be able to do on an archived group:

  • You will be able to view photos, wall posts, group discussion threads (now called Wall posts).
  • Recent news, group officer titles, the info box under the old group picture,  members of old groups won’t appear on an archived group anymore.

If you are lucky and your group got the Upgrade option, it means that Facebook considers it an interesting group which doesn’t have to do with spam or other illegal activities. It also means that your group has got a considerable amount of users following it. On such a group the upgrade option will be clearly visible on the top of its page.  After clicking the Upgrade button you will be able to:

  • See old group members, group photos, wall posts and discussion threads.
  • Chat with multiple users or the whole thanks to a whole set of new features.
  • Poll the group with questions.
  • Share whole photo albums.
  • etc.

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