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A lot of users are reporting  weird error certificates such as:  Sec_Error_Expired_Certificate while using Google, Gmail, Picasa, Firefox,Internet Explorer 9 and other applications or web applications relaying on Internet.  Certificates are nothing else than encrypted protocols that encrypt your communication over the Internet. If, for example, you are at the airport or another public place and wish to check your Gmail or Facebook it is highly advised to use HTTPS (SSL)  to protect your connection and prevent hackers from sniffing your username and password “over-the-air”. Almost all Internet services (such as Gmail, Facebook or Twitter, for example)  provide such secure connection to protect your data, even from ad-hoc applications such as Firesheep. The Sec_Error_Expired_Certificate means a certificate is expired and that you have to renew the connection in order to request a new one, automatically. However, sometimes this procedure doesn’t work for everybody as it has to do with different non-related issues. Let’ see how to fix this error. Incredible to say, but the Sec_Error_Expired_Certificate could mean that your computer clock is not updated! To fix this, simply follow the procedure below:

  1. Click Start on your Windows 7/Vista or Windows XP computer.
  2. On the Search field (or Run…if you have got Windows XP), type CMD and hit Enter.
  3. In the Command Prompt (DOS), type: Date and press Enter.
  4. The current date will be displayed. You will also be prompted to change it. Change the date accordingly.
  5. Now, type Time and press Enter.
  6. The current time will be displayed. You will also be prompted to change it. Change the time accordingly.
  7. Now, close the Command Prompt.
  8. Restart your browser and flush its cache.

If you get such a warning while trying to surf a website, you could try to bypass such a warning. Before doing this you must be absolutely sure that the website you want to visit is legitimate.

  1. When you get the warning dialog box on your screen, the browser will give you the chance to add an exception.
  2. Click  Or you can add an exception…. option.
  3. Click Add Exception.
  4. Click Get Certificate from the options.
  5. Make sure to read the warning and the descriptive part that shows you what and where the problem is with the website you are trying to  view.
  6. Click Confirm Security Exception to add the website to the list of trusted ones.

If you get the certificate error while using Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), then it could mean that your Internet Explorer is not properly configured for sign-in.  Read this answers.Microsoft.com thread to solve the issue.

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