Turn Off Google Keyboard Shortcuts and Navigation Arrows

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turn off Google keyboard shortcut

As you know, one of the latest features introduced by Google is the keyboard shortcuts. Such shortcuts allow you to navigate Google via your keyboard by visualizing  a blue arrow (and a magnifying glass) next to the Google search results. Undoubtedly, this feature is quite useful and handy. However, not all users think in the same way and actually a lot of them want to disable and turn off the “annoying” and “non practical” keyboard shortcuts feature. At the time writing Google doesn’t provide any option to achieve this result. Anyway an extension and a little trick will sort out the effect Googlers have been asking for months!

The only way to turn off and disable the keyboard navigation (shortcuts) feature is to disable Google Instant Search. To do it:

  1. Open Google.com
  2. On the ride side of the Search blank field, click the “Instant is On” link.
  3. From the tiny drop down menu, click  the Off (press Enter to search) option.
  4. Done.

If you have Google Chrome, a nice, free extension will let you turn of such feature without giving up the Instant Search feature. Google Search Scroll “Enables the scroll in Google Search”…”Without disabling the Google feature (the navigation between results), it also scrolls the page down and up by pressing the cursors. “

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