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Well, this is not a dream shared by millions of people. Quite the opposite! However, if you wish to know what will happen to your look in 20 years I have found an interesting Web 2.0 application (website) for you. Basically, it is able to make you older, sick and…ugly! I am not talking about a sketch web utility able to modify your look. I am talking about a real application that, once you have uploaded your picture or photo into it will turn your face as if you were 20 years older! I have to confess that the result is pretty incredible and sad! And you, would you like to see yourself in 20 years?

In20Years.com is a funny/sad web application that is able to make you older, literally! In fact, thanks to special filters and electronic makeup it will age a picture of your face, making it older, sicker and uglier! The Web 2.0 application is prtty simple to use and without a lot of fuss or hard options to understand:

  1. Select your Gender, age and if you want to look like a drug addict (!).
  2. Upload your picture or photo.
  3. Wait and…get ready to look at yourself in 20 years!

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