How to Hide the Scroll Bar in Google Chrome

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hide scrollbarAs you know, a Web browser Scroll Bar is that vertical bar, located on the right of the browser page that lets you scroll up and down the content of any website or blog. A nice, free Google Chrome extension lets you disable and hide it. but, why would anyone hide and turn it off? Well, first of all let me tell you that by hiding it, your browser will gain more space. This will let you display bigger websites in a more optimized way. Secondly, I will like to point out that by disabling the scroll bar you won’t loose the ability to scroll a web page down. In fact you will be able to do this by using your mouse (mouse scrolling feature) and your keyboard (keyboard scrolling). So, lets see how to gain more space on Google Chrome window thanks to simple extension!

No Scroll Bars Please is a extension for Google Chrome that “Removes (hides) the scroll bars and increase the screen space. Scroll feature works normal using middle mouse buttons and keyboard arrow keys”. Such extension is extremely useful to those users who wish to have more screen space available and use their mouse to visit a website.

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