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skypeRecently, Skype  has shown some nasty issue preventing its users from enjoying their long-distance phone calls. In fact, without any warning and in a completely random way, the latest Skype version, the most famous VOIP  chat, video and phone call software, crashes without any warning. To add insult to injury, after such crash, some users are reporting that they don’t manage to restart the client in order to login. What follows are the easy instruction to fix the issue and restore Skype after a crash.

Windows Users

  1. Click the Start orb.
  2. In the Search field, ( or Run…if you have Windows XP or Vista),  type: %appdata%\skype
  3. Click OK.
  4. Open the folder labeled Skype.
  5. Delete the file called shared.xml
  6. Open Skype.

Mac Users

  1. Open the Finder and locate the folder ~ / Library / Application Support / Skype
  2. Delete the file shared.xml
  3. Open Skype.

Linux Users

  1. Open the directory named / home / YourLinuxUserName / .Skype
  2. Delete the file shared.xml
  3. Restart Skype

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    One Comment to “How to Fix Skype Random Crashes”

    1. John Sembrot Says:

      Holy S…. Batman. That was completely awful, and I just have to thank my lucky stars you were so kind to get this info out here. My Skype has been shut down at start up on all my PC’s for two days. Thanks a bunch.

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