How to Turn Off and Disable “Like” and “Recommended” Facebook Buttons

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With the increasing importance of Facebook on the Internet a lot of websites and blogs have started adding annoying Facebook buttons on their pages and posts such as ” Like” and “Recommended” buttons  to push you to share your experience, articles, posts etc. with  other users or your Facebook friends. While such buttons might look like quite useful, a lot of users are feeling overwhelmed by the big quantity of them as well as Facebook widgets and scripts which are silently but unrelentingly invading the Web. This small article will show you how to turn off and remove almost all kind of “Facebook junk” and buttons from your favorite websites in order to enjoy a nice, smooth reading!

Facebook Blocker is an incredible addon/extension for your Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera browser able to block, remove and delete any kind of Facebook button and script you may meet on the websites and blogs you read and visit mostly!  Facebook Blocker is able to block and turn off any kind of “social plugin” from your favorite websites, including Facebook buttons as wellas all those Facebook scripts able to track you down.

Download Facebook Blocker now!


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