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modify the subject in Outlook 2011It’s quite common to get and receive an email to your email inbox in Outlook 2011 which, by reading its subject line, doesn’t say too much to you. That’s a real pain because you are forced to open the body of such an email and read its content. Additionally, if you receive a lot of emails, this might become a real issue after some time, because you might miss to locate that particular email due to the poor or wrong description in the subject. This small guide will show you how to change and modify the subject of any received email in order to get a better idea of what the emails is about.

  1. Open Outlook 2011.
  2. Go to the email inbox and locate the email you wish to change the subject line of.
  3. Go to the Menu upper bar and click Message.
  4. Now, from the list of available option, click Edit Messages.
  5. At this point you  will be able to change whatever you wish in the email. In our case,  you will have to modify the subject.
  6. Now, close the messages.
  7. A dialog box will appear on the screen asking you to confirm the changes  you just made.
  8. Click OK and you are done!

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One Comment to “How to Modify the Subject of a Received Email in Outlook 2011”

  1. muti Says:

    It is a very simple method, but I didn’t know that I can change incoming e-mail subject in MS Outlook. Thanks for good advice 🙂

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