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In Windows 8, there are two different ways to logon to your account. In the first one you will have to input a password. The second one is a little more complicated and fanciful. In fact,  you will have to enter (or draw) a pattern logon on the screen which is made out of small squares. Such a method is more secure than the first one as there is not any password to type. Furthermore, the user won’t make the common mistake to use his birthdate, his name or surname etc. as password thus exposing his data to hackers or ill-intentioned users who are skilled at guessing what words or numbers you used as passwords. However, the pattern logon is disabled by default. So, let’s see how to turn on this alternative method to logon to Windows 8 account and how to set it up in  a few seconds!

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Head to User Accounts And Family Safety.
  4. Now, click User Accounts.
  5. Click the Set up a pattern for pattern logon located at the end of the User Account page.
  6. A small window labeled “Enroll in Pattern Logon” will pop on your screen.
  7. Here you will have to input or I’d better say…draw a pattern  by clicking on the small squares available. A minimum of three squares must be choose to validate the pattern.
  8. Click the Next button.
  9. Reenter the patter in order to confirm it.
  10. Click the Next button again.
  11. Done!

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2 Comments to “How to Set Up the Pattern Logon Feature in Windows 8”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    On Internet there are a lot of Windows 8 beta versions available. Just google and you will get it. Be aware that they are not stable and they are meant to users who know what they are doing…

  2. Dennis Robinson Says:

    I was wondering where you got your copy of Windows 8 ?
    Or did you mean Windows 7.

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