Turn On and Off Bing Social Search on Your Facebook Profile

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facebookFacebook has recently added a new feature which lets you perform kind of “social searches” using Microsoft Bing Search. Basically, you will be able to connect Facebook to Bing in order to search for friends and add them on your Facebook profile, directly. Additionally, Bing will also show what your friends like on Facebook when you search for movie rating, books, restaurants etc. Let’s see how to turn on and off Bing on Facebook in a couple of easy steps.

Turn On Bing on your Facebook profile

  1. Go to Bing Search engine and click the Sign-in link located on the upper right side of the main page.
  2. Now, click the “Connect to Facebook” link.
  3. Log-in to your Facebook profile.
  4. At this point you should face a “Request for Permission”  Facebook Page where you will have to allow Bing to access your information. “Bing Social feature” will only use your basic information such as: your name, list of friends, profile pictures etc.
  5. Click the Allow button at the end of the page to let Bing read your private data.
  6. At this point you will be automatically redirected  to Bing Search page. Here, at the top, right side of the Bing page you will be able to see your Facebook login.
  7. Search Bing normally. Bing search results will be enriched with social results!

Turn Off Bing on your Facebook profile

  1. Go to this Facebook webpage. Such a page is the official Facebook page to turn of Bing from your Facebook profile.
  2. On such a page you will be asked to login to your Facebook profile.
  3. You should face a special Facebook page asking you if you want to deactivate Bing Social Search in your profile.
  4. Click the Block button.

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