Turn On and Off ActiveX Filtering Control in Internet Explorer 9

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ie9In order to better protect your security against malicious viruses, malware and codes, Microsoft has enforced the ActiveX policy options on its Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).  This means that, apart from turning on and off ActiveX controls, you have the extra option to filter websites in order to run selective rules on them. So let’s see how to activate the new ActiveX Filtering on Internet Explorer 9 and how to use it at its best!

Before starting with this guide let me tell you that ActiveX controls are quite important to your privacy and security. In fact, as stated on this Microsoft guide regarding Internet Security, ActiveX  “are small programs, sometimes called add-ons, that are used on the Internet. They can enhance your browsing experience by allowing animation or they can help with tasks such as installing security updates at Microsoft Update.”  You should notice that while ActiveX controls are important in order to have a fully enjoyable Internet experience, their downside is that they are used as backdoors by viruses and pestware to infect your computer. So,please use this guide with caution and if in doubt, leave ActiveX Filtering options in Internet Explorer 9 as they are!

  1. Open Internet Explorer 9.
  2. Click Tools from the upper toolbar and then select the ActiveX Filtering option.
  3. At this point if you try to open a website using Flash technology for example, you won’t manage to display the website correctly as all website components relying on Flash won’t work on the browser.
  4. Furthermore, a small, blue, circle with a diagonal line will appear on the address bar to underline that the website has got ActiveX control disabled.
  5. To remove and turn off the ActiveX Filtering for that website, simply click the blue icon in the address bar and then click the ActiveX button. This will remove any ActiveX restriction thus allowing you to browse the website without any problem.
  6. If you want to clear out all the exceptions and rules you applied to the websites and blogs you visited, click Tool in the upper toolbar, click the Delete browsing history option and tick the Active X Filtering and Tracking Protection data checkbox.
  7. Click Delete to confirm.



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