Trick to Mass Forward Emails to an Email Address in Office 2010

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OutlookIf you are in need to mass forward multiple emails from your email account in Office 2010 to another email account, soon you might find yourself in trouble. In fact, apparently, there is not other solutions than forwarding such emails one by one. Such a boring task is pretty long and tedious as it involves  a lot of times and clicks to perform it till the end. Let’ see how to speed things up  thanks to a nice, easy trick!

  1. Open Office 2010.
  2. Highlight the email you want to forward. To do it, press CTRL on your keyboard and click the emails with your mouse.
  3. Click the Home ribbon and click Forward.
  4. The familiar window to send or forward your emails will appear. Fill in the fields such as email address, Subject etc.
  5. Write something in the Body email field and click the Send button.
  6. As you might have noticed all the emails you want to forward are attached to the main email.

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