How to Surf Two Websites at the Same Time on Google Chrome

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split tabsHave you ever wished to browse and surf different websites, blogs and webpages at the same time? Have you ever wished to have  such a feature on your Google Chrome? Well, if so your waiting is over! Surfing two or more websites at the same time is very convenient in all those cases where you have to compare text, photos  etc. It is also useful when you want to buy a device online, for example, and you want to compare two websites offering the same object but with slightly differences about policy conditions. By splitting your browser in different windows you will be able to compare a lot of things instantly, without having to print any page! Let’s see how to achieve this result!

ChromeSplit is a great, free Google Chrome extension that “Split your browser’s window into as many columns or rows as you need. Useful for researching, making side by side website comparisons and many more things.”

Basically, ChromeSplit divides and splits your browser window in different, small sub-window thus allowing you to surf multiple websites at the same time.

ChromeSplit doesn’t support HTTPS addresses, so many  websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts won’t be accessible from this extensions in a secure mode.

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