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black barLately, it looks like Google has started experimenting a lot with its services. One of the most “visible” changes is, without any doubt, the new black upper-bar in Google main search page. This change, together with the new colors in the Google Search Menu have met the tastes of a lot of happy users who love the new improvements. However, on the other side, million of users just hate the black bar and wish a way way to turn it of or remove it completely from their sights! Let’s see how to achieve this by using a nice addon!

If you use Firefox and Opera as your default browser, then you can use this nice, free GreaseMonkey script which will let you get the old, beautiful Google Classic Bar back! In order to use this script, you need to download and install the free Firefox addon called Greasemonkey. After installing it, simply click the Install button available on upper-right side of  the Google Classic Bar page and you are done!

If you use Opera, you won’t have to install anything, as Opera has got its own UserScript API. See here for a guide to installing scripts in Opera and here for details on which Greasemonkey scripts are likely to work.

If you use Google Chrome, you will only need to install a free addon called Remove Black Bar from Google. As stated on the addon page: “This extension in very light weight and all it does it remove the black bar on all google.com sites. Some people find the black color to be hard on their eyes. If you want the old default white/blue version, install it.”

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3 Comments to “Turn Off and Remove the New Black Bar on Google Search”

  1. a fake name Says:

    nice website, nice layout. simple with practical info/links/solutions for what seem to be small but extremely annoying computer problems, such as the black bar… thanks.

  2. J Says:

    Is there a way to turn off that black toolbar in IE 9 ?

  3. R Wheeler Says:

    Is there a way to turn off that black toolbar in IE8?

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