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bingIf you use Microsoft Bing Search as your main Internet Search engine,  then you should be familiar with its Search History. Such a feature, like the one available on Google, collects all your previous searches (also known as keywords) and group them in a special place,  just in case you want to see what you searched in the past. The issue with such “popular terms” in Search History is that they might cause some embarrassment to you if other users find out what you typed during your Internet surfing. So, lets see how to turn off and clear, Bing Search History in a couple of clicks and save your privacy from indiscreet eyes!

  1. Open Bing.com
  2. Type a keyword of your choice in the blank search field. As soon as you start typing, a suggested keywords drop-down menu (kinda) will appear under the field.
  3. At the very bottom of such drop-down menu, click Manage Search History.
  4. You will be redirected to a new page called Recent Searches. On such a page you will see all your previous, old searches (keywords) divided into days and months.
  5. On the left sidebar, under the Edit History section click Clear to delete and “clear” your previous searches.
  6. If prompted, click the “Yes, clear all Search History” link.
  7. Again, on the left sidebar, click Turn History off. This option will turn off such feature. In this way, Bing won’t remember what you typed on the Search field anymore.
  8. Done!

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9 Comments to “How to Turn Off Bing Popular Search History”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Lovin the threats! Go back to Google and give up your free points. See ya! LOL

  2. Cheryl Says:

    I agree with the rest. I already know how to turn my history off and delete it. And you can’t do it the way you stated. You have to go to delete history at the top to do it! Free stuff always has its issues. Some of you sound like you need to be on medication! So much anger…Geez!

  3. Claire Bazinet Says:

    OKay, Bing, I stopped seeing Search History! I don’t want to see words appearing out of nowhere when I try to search. But the same goes for POPULAR NOW! I don’t want a list of Trending phrases while I’m trying to type. It’s soooooo distracting! (I sometimes look for that on Twitter, to comment on breaking news, but nowhere else! And I’m not into what’s Popular! My interests don’t coincide with anyone else’s, as far as I know. So, PLEASE, cut it out!

  4. Tom Says:

    If I have to put up with popular now I’m going back to Google



  6. PJ Says:

    Once again, how come no one including Bing answers the question on how to turn off the ‘popular now’????

  7. cyrixlord Says:

    Actually, this feature is an ‘opt in’ to stop tracking your history. Once your computer crashes (or your browser), bing will silently turn the history back on. You will have to continually check to make sure it STAYS off because it surely won’t. A good way to see if bing is trolling your history again is when facebook asks you to log in again after a crash or some other event. YOu can bet bing will be tracking your stuff again.

  8. charlene Says:

    i want to remove bing popular now

  9. Mike Says:

    OK- I already know how to delete my personal search history. What I want to know is HOW CAN I SIGN ONTO BING WITHOUT “POPULAR NOW” serches being listed. I could care less about what everyone else is searching. I see no reason why I sould have this.

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