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This is one of those questions  I have heard one hundred times, at least! “How to I turn on (and off) Google Street View on Google Map or my Google Earth”. The next question I usually hear after this is: “How do I find out if Google has enabled Street View for my city/area?” . Well, till some time ago, there was not any way to know this, for sure. The only thing you could do in order to know if Street View was on in your city, area, street etc. was to zoom in and see if the Street View button/box showed up. Google aware of this issue has recently added a nice feature which automatically turns on Street View and lets you know what parts (such as streets, boulevards etc.) have been mapped using the Street View technology. Sadly, majority of users do not know about this and continue wondering over simple questions that have been answered “long time ago”!

  1. Open Google Map or your Google Earth.
  2. Go to your desired location and zoom in.
  3. Now, have a look at the Zoom in/outnavigation controls. You should be able to see a little, yellow man icon.
  4. Click such “yellow man” icon and drag it to your location, city, area ect. (note: do not drop the yellow icon yet!)
  5. As soon as you hover the yellow icon on the map you will see that all the streets that have been mapped by Street  View become highlighted in blue. This is the fastest way to know (and turn on) Google Street View and know what parts of the map are available for “Viewing”
  6. If you want  more info about the Google Street View technology, how to turn it on and off, visit this Google page.

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One Comment to “Turn On/Off Google Street View on Google Map and Google Earth”

  1. Dennis F. Says:

    I wondered how I got into Street View the other day. Recently went to Key West & was able to re-track our visit back home using Street View. A lot cheaper than actually going there, but not anywhere near as exciting. Just installed Win 7 & Office 2010 on 2 more PCs. Waiting for 3 copies of Outlook 2010 to install.

    Has Chrome been crashing a lot for you recently? I find I have to reload pages 10 – 12 times a day.

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