How to Recover Old, Deleted Emails in Your Hotmail Account

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hotmailWhile managing and reading emails in your email account, it might be quite easy to inadvertently delete an email. It is sufficient to click a button to remove and erase an important  email without any hope to recover it, easily. Microsoft, aware of this issue has added in every Hotmail account an extremely useful feature which lets you recover any deleted email even though it is not available in the “Deleted Folder” anymore. So, let’s see how to get back your important but deleted emails in a couple of clicks.

  1. Login to your Hotmail account.
  2. On the left sidebar, under the “Folder” section, click the Deleted folder.
  3. The Deleted folder will be opened. At the end of the page, you will see the following link: “Recover deleted messages“. Click it.
  4. At this point the account will start working on recovering your deleted emails. The whole process will vary according to the number of deleted emails.
  5. After the process has been completed, all your deleted emails will be placed in the Deleted folder page.
  6. At this point, as a last step of this guide, tick the checkbox next to each email and move it to your desired folder.

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