How to Hide All Comments on YouTube Videos

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chromeIt’s very common to open a YouTube page containing a viral video and see it overflooded with offensive, silly, angry comments you really do not care to read at all. Sadly, YouTube doesn’t provide you with any option in order to opt out and hide such unwanted comments which, by the way, also slow the downloading of the page a little bit. What follows is nice, free solutions for your Google Chrome able to solve the issue in a couple of steps!

Hide YouTube Comments

Hide YouTube comments is a great, free extension for your Google Chrome which is able to remove (hide) all the comments available directly under a video in one click!

  1. Go to Hide Youtube Comments
  2. On the extension page, click the “Add” button in order to download and install it on your Chrome.
  3. Once done, open a YouTube video page containing stupid, offensive and silly comments.
  4. Done! In fact, Hide YouTube Comments automatically hides all the comments from a YouTube page, so you should be able to see no comments.
  5. The downside of such extension is that it doesn’t contain any option to play with. It simply works out-of-the-box by automatically hiding comments regardless they are ok or not. The only solution to get YouTube comments back is to disable the extension.

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