How to Access and Try Google New Minimalist Interface!

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A couple of months ago Google started testing an interesting, new, clean and ultra-minimalist interface that removes some of the current Google features and add new ones. On this new Google page there are really a lot of improvements, all spiced with a couple of options to make your searches faster and smoother. This “New Google” is not available for everybody to play. However, the guy at TecnoNet have found an interesting hack that will let you gain full access to such new Google interface with no hassle! Let’s see how to achieve this result in a couple of steps! (Chrome and Firefox Only…sorry guys)

Instructions for Google Chrome

  1. Download and install Edit This Cookie extension in your Google Chrome.
  2. Now, go to the official Google web page and click the small, yellow cookie icon  available in the Chrome’s toolbar.
  3. A small window will appear right under the Cookie icon. In the Value field, look for the line that starts with NID.
  4. Delete it completely and replace the string with :
  5. Now, click “Submit cookie changes”.

Instructions for Firefox

  1. 1. Install Cookies Manager+ and restart Firefox.
  2. Go to Google main page.
  3. Press Alt+T and select “Cookies Manager+”.
  4. Search for Google.com and find the string called “NID”. If you’re not in the USA, look for your own domain (for example: google.uy in Uruguay, for example).
  5. Click “edit” and replace the content with the string I posted in the Google Chrome instructions above.
  6. Done!

If you wonder what’s new in the minimalistic Google interface, here is a brief list of features you will be able to find in the new Google homepage:

  1. All the icons in the left sidebar are removed.
  2. All the icons for Google +1 and Instant Preview are removed.
  3. When you hover over a search result, Google will show a  bigger Instant Preview icon in a vertical bar on the right side.
  4. Hover over the vertical bar and you will get a larger Instant Preview.
  5. Google’s header and the search options sidebar are sticky. This means that they are available in all Google Search Result pages. They will also be available when you scroll down the page.
  6. Infinite Scrolling.


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