How to Permanently Set Google.com as Homepage in your Chrome

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As you know, if you live outside USA territories and try to visit the local US Google homepage, you will be automatically redirected to your country Google homepage (such as: Google.co.uk, Google.it etc) without any chance to modify this behaviour as there are not options to play with in the Google settings. This can be particularly troublesome, above all if you are looking for English-American websites as the US Google version contains a more complete list of such webpages.  What follows is a nice, simple hack that will let you permanently set Google.com as you official homepage in Google Chrome.

  1. Go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\
  2. Look for a file called “Local State”. Right-click it and open it using Windows Notepad.
  3. Inside the file, look for last_known_google_url and simply modify the Google address available from http://www.google.(your country extension)  to http://www.google.com/.
  4. Perform the same action as above for the “last_prompted_google_url” value.
  5. The two modifications above will sort the effect to permanently change your local Google homepage to the USA Google homepage version, for good.
  6. Save the file and restart your computer for the changes to take effects.
  7. Done!


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