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word 2010If you use Microsoft Office Word 2010 then you should be familiar with the “Paste Options” button which pop-ups every time you paste  text on  a document. When you press CTRL+V in Word 2010 an annoying box containing some options appears on your screen. As said, such box contains options such as: paste with original formatting, merged formatting,  keep text only. This small tutorial will show you how to turn off (and on) and remove this button/box from Word. 

  1. Open Microsoft Office Word 2010.
  2. Click File – Options.
  3. Click the Advanced tab located on the left side.
  4. Under the Cut, Copy and Paste section, untick the “Show Paste Options button when content is pasted” checkbox.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Done! You should have turned off and disabled the annoying box!

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2 Comments to “How to Turn Off “Paste Options” Button in Word 2010”

  1. KS Says:

    Under the same “Cut, Copy and Paste” section, I set the defaults as “Keep text only”. However, if you want to preserve the text formatting from the original you can always Right-click and under Paste options choose another option.

  2. RB Says:

    Brilliant, thanks!

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