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uninstall AVG toolbar

If you have recently installed AVG Free antivirus you might have noticed the new, annoying AVG Security Search Toolbar in your Firefox and Internet Explorer browser. Such a toolbar, apart from offering you interesting features/shortcuts to the AVG antivirus, it also protects your surfing by blocking dangerous and infected websites before opening them. Such a feature is called AVG Secure Search. A lot of users don’t like this toolbar and the way it monitors the Internet and are trying to uninstall and remove it in order to experience a free web surfing. If you don’t like the idea of being “watched” while you surf the Internet, if you don’t like the idea that the AVG Toolbar automatically sets the default search engine on your browser, (it sets Google as default search engine and adds to its page an AVG Safe Search logo), I have found a couple of tutorials which will get rid of the toolbar in a breeze! 

Remove AVG Toolbar

  1. Turn off Firefox or Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Run the AVG installer program you used earlier to install the toolbar. If you can not find it, click Start – Control Panel – Programs – Uninstall a Program – Locate from the list the AVG installer.
  3. Select setup type as “Repair installation “.
  4. The AVG Security Toolbar installer window will appear on your screen. Untick the Recommended –Yes I would like to install AVG Security toolbar checkbox.
  5. Click the Next button and follow the instructions.
  6. Done!

Remove AVG Secure Search

  1. Type: about:config in your Firefox web address field.
  2. Now type keyword.URL in the Filter box located on the top left side of the window.
  3. Right-click  the Keyword.URL key and from the menu, click Reset.
  4. Now, look for the following keys:browser.search.selectedEngine
  5. For each key, follow Step 3 instructions.
  6. Done!

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9 Comments to “Uninstall and Remove AVG Security Search Toolbar and AVG Secure Search”

  1. Jack Says:

    Sorry, but none of these instructions actually worked for me… :(

  2. Sapientia Says:

    This worked great for me. Thanks a lot! AVG was really bugging me!

  3. xKiyori Says:

    Doesn’t work at all.

  4. Tom Says:

    Works, but only the Registry-Steps in Firefox.

    I’ve deleted anything in “Programs”-Directory with AVG at the beginning. But close Firefox befor doing this.

    In Firefox deactivate anything with AVG.

    Thats it!!

  5. Prince Ali Says:

    Thank you!!! This worked for me. I hate AVG

  6. Esther Says:

    how to remove avg secure search

    I am little old lady in Greek sandals (Beatnik). Had no trouble removing AVG toolbar, but don’t understand instructions for removing AVG secure search. i.e. where is the “Filter box located on the top left side of the window”. Is the Filter box different from the address bar? All I see on the upper left is the address bar, the Yahoo tool bar and the tag boxes.

    I use Mozilla Firefox and am far from computer literate. Is there someplace where I can find instructions that I understand?

    I’ve used AVG security for at least 5 years and have always been satisfied with it but NEVER HAVE I OK’d SECURE SEARCH, it just popped up by itself.

  7. kk Says:


    I need to uninstall the AVG secure search thing and I haVE TRIED!!!! Anyone know how to help me?

  8. Jerry Says:

    I have tried repeatedly to cancel my subscription to AVG but nothing seems to work. I think I have been over charged. Will some one please email me to take care of this

  9. Ted Says:

    Go to the AVG forum website. http://forums.avg.com/us-en/avg-forums?sec=thread&act=show&id=215180

    Near the bottom, is an answer from TechBuddy. Download the 2 tools and follow the instructions. MUST run the reset tool first. DOS windows open and run. Can take a few minutes.

    However, this does NOT remove the Security Toolbar. Still working on an answer for that.

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