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As you know, Hulu is a great online video  service that allows you to watch tons of movies and USA TV shows. The issue with such a service is that if you are/live outside the United States you won’t be able to enjoy this service at all. In fact, Hulu is for USA residents living within USA or USA territories only. Now, there are a lot of interesting hacks and workarounds on the Internet to access Hulu. There is even a great piece of software called Hotspot Shield that is used by a lot of people. However, workarounds are too tricky and difficult to use while Hotspot Shield contains too many advertisements (ads) and has got a limited bandwidth to use to surf via its proxy.  A couple of days ago I have found an interesting, easy add-on for Firefox called “Modify Headers” which will let you watch all those websites whose use is restricted to users living outside the USA. Let’s see how it works! 

Modify Headers is a nice Firefox add-on which “Add, modify and filter the HTTP request headers sent to web servers.” Let’s see how to use it to our advantage and watch Hulu for free!

  1. Download and install “Modify Headers” add-on.
  2. In Firefox, click Tools  and open Modify Headers settings.
  3. Click the Headers tab.
  4. In the Headers name, type: X-Forwarded-For and in the Header value, put any IP address that’s in the USA. If you want a list of USA IPs  to use, visit this website (free of charge).
  5. Do not write anything in the Comment section.
  6. Click the Enable button.
  7. Now, you will have to block TCP and UDP port 1935.  The procedure is simple but a little long. Visit this webpage and read the step-by-step procedure.

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3 Comments to “How to Watch Hulu if You Are Not in the USA (Modify Headers)”

  1. Dennis F. Says:

    Sounds great, but what if I’m in the USA & want to watch restricted BBC content?

  2. Tiago Says:

    Hi, Thanks for your site, its always filled with interesting information. 😉

    Regarding step 7 Now, you will have to block TCP and UDP port 1935. The procedure is simple but a little long. Visit this webpage and read the step-by-step procedure.
    I did it all but something’s not right, Hulu still sees me as a foreigner. Is there a place to insert the 1935 information? Because the only port that is mentioned is 139 (as a forward I guess) and I don’t really see any other place to insert it.
    Also, do we need to do it twice 1xTCP 1xUDP?
    I should mention I use a Router, will this affect things?

    Sorry, kind of N00b in this port thing.

  3. Tiago Says:

    I tried to do it using windows firewall and it didn’t work either.

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