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turn off metro screenOne of the most evident new feature on Windows 8 is the Metro UI screen that introduces a new way to organize your desktop thanks to easy and nice-looking live tiles. However, the Metro Start screen tends to confuse a lot of users who can not find applications, options and Windows tools anymore.  Here is what you have to do in order to turn off the Metro screen and enjoy the old, good desktop!

  1. Download, this free, tiny application and install it on your Windows 8.
  2. Run MetroController.exe file.
  3. In the application user interface, select the Disable all new features option. This action will turn off: Start screen, Ribbon Explorer and Lock screen (metro interface).
  4. Done!

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3 Comments to “How to Turn Off Metro UI Screen in Windows 8”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I work in tech, and this application is going to save me hundreds of hours trying (and mostly failing) to teach people how to use Windows 8.

  2. Ken Macleod Says:

    ok just tried Windows 8 Preview – what did I think?

    I went out and bought an Apple MacBook Pro

  3. Dave Says:

    If this is how windows 8 is gonna be this will be a HUGE failure.. Balmer NEEDS TO BE FIRED…. WHAT A POS!!!!

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