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turn on hibernation featureWindows 8 is the fastest Microsoft operating system ever. Because of this, there is not need to use the hibernation feature at all because turning the system on and off takes a couple of seconds only. However, you night want to use the hibernation because among the different Windows states is the one that uses the least amount of power. So, let’s see how to turn on and activate the hibernation state in Windows 8. 

  1. Click the Control Panel tile to open the open Metro style Control Panel.
  2. Now, click the  More settings to launch the old Control Panel.
  3. Click  System and Security and then Power Options.
  4. In the left-pane, click the  Choose what the power buttons do option to open System Settings.
  5. Under the System Settings section, click Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  6. Click the Show Hibernate  checkbox and click Save Changes button.
  7. Done!

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One Comment to “How to Turn On Hibernation Feature in Windows 8”

  1. paradise584 Says:

    Help me!
    I have a problem with Window 8. I can’t turn on “Hibernate Mode” and haven’t “Change settings that are currently unavailable”.


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