How to Hide and Remove the News Feed Bar from Facebook

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Facebook has recently added a new, interesting feature to its User Interface (UI). Now, on the top right-side of your Facebook profile, you will be able to see a News Feeds Bar (or Sidebar or Box) that displays in real-time updates of  Facebook friends comments, likes and shares. The issue with such  new Side bar is that it sicks on the profile. This means that even though you scroll your profile down, you will always have the News Feed bar following you! If you don’t like it, I have found an interesting way to remove and hide it once for all! 

  1. If you use Google Chrome browser you have the opportunity to get rid of the News Feeds Bar  (or News ticker) by installing a free extension called Facebook News Ticker Remover. Download and install the extension on your Google Chrome, go to Facebook and…the News Bar is gone! Easy, isn’t it?
  2. If you use Firefox, Safari and Opera, in order to hide the News sidebar you will have to use a multiplatform extension /add-on called Facebook Purity.  Such an interesting addon lets you control different aspects of your Facebook profile. Thanks to Facebook Purity in fact, you will be able to hide Chat Box, Ticker Box, Joined a group, Attending an event, etc.

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