How to Upload, Store and Copy Files on Google Cloud

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Google Cloud (aka Google Drive) is the latest free service (5 GB of free storage) offered by Google that lets you upload, save, download and copy your important files to the Cloud! This quick tutorial will show you how to copy your files such as documents, mp3, videos, applications, programs etc. to Google Cloud and save them from computer fails and wrong actions such as deletion etc.

  1. Download and Install Google Cloud to your computer.
  2. Now you have to make sure that  you  you enable sync between your favorite Google Drive folder on your computer and online Google Drive storage space.
  3. Now, choose a file you want to save to your Google Drive Cloud service and from the menu, select “Copy”.
  4. Right click the Google Drive icon located on the Windows System tray and click Open Google Drive folder option. Paste the copied file in Google Drive folder on your PC. This simple option will automatically upload the chosen file to Google Drive.

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