How to Reset Firefox 13

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If you use Firefox as your default browser, you know only too well that after a while it tends to slow down and become sluggish due to a lot of extensions installed and toolbar, random errors etc. Till some time ago, the only solution the regular user had got to fix this issue was to uninstall Firefox and reinstall it back on the computer. In fact, there is no button to reset, restart and set again Firefox browser to its factory options. Luckily, with Firefox 13 things have improved a lot. So let’s see how to factory reset Firefox 13 without loosing your bookmarks and preferences!

  1. Open Firefox 13.
  2. Now, click the Firefox button located on the top-left side of the Firefox window.
  3. Click Help and the Troubleshooting Information option. Then click on the Reset Firefox button.
  4. Confirm your choice by pressing another Reset button.
  5. Keep in mind that your cookies, browsing history, saved form history, saved passwords and bookmarks will be preserved, saved and backed up by default!

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